Sixth Form Curriculum

Thematic Class

Students who work within the Thematic Department within Key Stage 3 and 4 will usually transition into a Thematic Class in Sixth Form.   They form part of Sixth Form but remain within the Thematic (Ms Caddell’s) department and have a tailored curriculum to meet their needs.

In preparation for adulthood and life beyond school, all young people will be supported to develop by following a bespoke life skills curriculum with a focus on supporting our young people so they can achieve positive outcomes in adult life.  We aim to provide a coherent curriculum which meets the needs and stretches each individual pupil. 

We will seek to find out what our young people aspire to by working collaboratively with parents and families. This information would combine with that from a Functional Needs Assessment  so that a programme of study designed with individuals in mind can be devised.

Throughout their time in Sixth Form, pupils and families would have access to support and advice from an independent careers advisor. This information will help inform the next transition for pupils when moving on from Meadow High School.

Within the thematic department this will focus on:

  • Finding a place a within Higher Education
  • Developing Independent living skills
  • Becoming a part of the wider community
  • Leading a healthy adult life.

All young people leaving Meadow will be supported to make their next step in adult life.

The Curriculum

The curriculum for the Sixth form thematic Students will focus on:

Finding a place a within Higher Education

All students leaving Meadow will be supported by the school, the LA and by an independent careers advisor to help them identify their next step in life.

This is most likely to be a college placement where they can continues to develop life skills and which may hopefully lead towards future employment and becoming an integral part of the wider community.

Developing Independent living skills

The curriculum will focus on developing life skills.These will include day to day skills such as self care, preparing simple meals and keeping a house clean. It may for some pupils also include elements of independent travel training.

The curriculum will also focus on supporting the students to develop hobbies and interests which they can follow in adult life.

Becoming a part of the wider community

The curriculum will support our students in developing social skills and overcoming aspects of sensory integration difficulties.Part of the focus of the curriculum will be to spend time in the local community through activities such as shopping, horticultural projects and social activities such as bowling and going into cafes.

Leading a healthy adult life

The curriculum will support students in learning about the value of healthy eating and exercise.Learning may focus on individual needs including sensory integration difficulties.

It is our aim to work in partnership with parents to challenge our students from the secure environment of Meadow to make them ready for their next a step towards adulthood.