The Thing - January 2017

The Thing - All Day Workshop

On the 25th of January 2017 the Thing was born! Students from Stony Dean school visited the some of our more able Performing Arts and Art students at Meadow high school for an all day workshop. In the workshop we developed script writing and art design skills in 2-D and 3-D to come up with possible characters for who the Thing might be.

Eventually the Thing took on several different characters, from large card board Monsters to spiral  Spider Monkeys made out of straws.

The monsters continued to develop skills through the day, after break students created music thinking about what the Thing might sound like, with  ambitious percussion composition encouraged by Mr. HO.

After lunch they choreographed what the Thing might move like, in imaginative dance pieces with Miss Kalia. They even used the music they had created earlier in the day to influence their movements. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the creative juices were flowing thick and fast all day. 

On Wednesday the 26th April we were then warmly welcomed to Stony Dean, we took with us a range of pupils of all abilities to experience another school and continue to develop the script for the Thing. This time Richard and Barbara from Stony Dean lead the workshop we were taken on a lovely tour of the school grounds and then we split into an art and drama groups. The artists designed magical places the thing would go to on his journey and the drama students came up with exciting ideas around scenes for our up coming performance.

Here are a couple of quotes from the journey home

"It was great to meet other pupils, the school is so nice and they are so friendly " Azita

"Their year 8's were so nice and helpful it made me really want to get to know our year 8's more" Heather

"It was really fun they were really nice" Letty

 We are all awaiting the return of the Thing with an exciting rehearsal provisionally planned for 21st June 2017 at Meadow High School and our final Thing Performance will be at Stony Dean school on the 12th of July, please let us know if you are interested in going to see!