The Globe Theatre, London - October 2017

To support the work on Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, some of the 6th Form went on a trip to Shakespeare's Globe in London.  We travelled by public transport so that students would have extra practise using the underground and learning how to find this amazing part of the city.

The focus of the visit was to find out as much as possible about Elizabethan theatre; what they would have looked like and who the audience would have been.  The students were amazing, they took photographs to help with their research and listened carefully as well as asked some brilliant questions to find out more from our lovely guide... some facts are things we will never forget!    

Many thanks to the students for representing the school so well and to the staff for their enthusiastic support.

Please see the attachment below "Pupil Voice - Visit to the Globe Theatre" to read some of the feedback from our students about their trip.