Summer School 2017

During the summer we ran our first therapeutic Summer School at Meadow High School. The Summer School ran for 4 weeks in the school holidays. The four weeks were split into different themes these themes were:

  • Week 1 – Let’s get out and about!
  • Week 2 – Let’s get weird and wonderful!
  • Week 3 – Let’s get creative!
  • Week 4 – Let’s get living!

MDT organised Summer School, and it was staffed by Meadow teachers, teaching assistants and MDT staff.    

Summer School was very much a success and much enjoyed by the pupils.

Week 1 – Let’s get out and about!

Week 1 was all about getting outside and experiencing the outdoors. Our students enjoyed trips to Black Park to have a nice walk around the lake. We went to local parks to use their exercise machines and play on the assault course. 

When at school we had a range of fun activities planned such as making bird feeders, wind chimes, a garden in a bottle and decorating our own plant pots.

During week 1 our students really got moving as we had circuit training, a game of rounders and a game of cricket played on the field in the sunshine. 

Week 2 – Let’s get weird and wonderful!

Week 2 was all about experiencing lots of weird and wonderful things through science experiments. Students enjoyed activities such as making their own lemon volcanos, lava lamps and papier mache planets.

Students got out and about and took a walk to the local park where they played on the equipment.

Students tie-dyed their own t-shirts in which they got to take home!

Students took part in different cooking activities during the week and made lava cakes, space cookies and space rock cakes!

Week 3 – Let’s get creative!

Week 3 was all about getting creative.  Students made their own jewellery, and their own chalk which they then took outside and used to be creative on the playground.

Students made different musical instruments using a range of different resources during the week.

The students did get a break from being so creative at school with trips to Black Park and Brunel Sports Centre where the students took advantage of the huge sports hall and played a range of sports including basketball and table tennis.

Week 4 – Let’s get living!

Week 4 was the last week of summer school and this week was all about getting living.  At the beginning of the week staff and students decided they were going to have a BBQ party on the last Friday.

For the party students decorated their own placemats, plates and cups and made decorations.

The students got to experience some great trips on the final week, they visited places like bowling and Black Park!

When at school and not getting ready for the BBQ students took part in activities such as growing plants and cress, making ice cream and sorbets and making their own salt dough which they later painted.

On the last day students sat outside in the sunshine and enjoyed burgers and sausages cooked on the BBQ.