Statement Regarding Nail Varnish and Long Fingernails


It has been noted that we are beginning to see students coming to school wearing bright nail varnish, growing their fingernails beyond the end of their fingers or having nail extensions applied.

Students will often say that nail varnish is a way to express individuality and/or enhance the attractiveness of their hands. Many would like to wear bright garish colours as fashions change.
This is, like eye-catching make-up, not appropriate for the working environment in school.  We do not want to encourage an environment where students are competing in terms of their appearance or how “fashionable” they look. 

In addition, we are aware that nail varnish, long nails or extensions can pose risks for students undertaking practical work in certain subjects. 

Students wearing nail varnish/extensions/long nails involved in food preparation and cooking in technology lessons can (especially when inexperienced and learning “how to”), contaminate food with chippings of nail varnish, dirt from under the nails or parts of nail extensions.  Long nails or extensions can be trapped or ripped moving round the school through doors and corridors, causing considerable pain and upset.  They can cause harm to others in eg PE games or drama practical work.  These are situations which are easily avoided.

If a student comes to school wearing nail varnish, they will be asked by their tutor or member of smt to remove it immediately with nail polish remover.

If a student comes to school with nail extensions or long nails, they will be isolated during break and lunch time to minimise risk until the extensions are removed or cut down.

For clarity, fingernails should not protrude beyond the ends of the fingers.