Statement Regarding Nail Varnish and Long Fingernails

Makeup / Nail Varnish & Nail Extensions and/or Long Fingernails

If a student chooses to wear makeup this must be discreet - no bright lipstick/eye makeup/false eyelashes. Nails (be they natural or false/gel) must be kept short (no longer than fingertip length) and natural in colour.

Nail varnish, long nails or extensions can pose risks for students undertaking practical work in certain subjects.

Students wearing nail varnish/extensions/long nails involved in food preparation and cooking in technology lessons can (especially when inexperienced and learning “how to”), contaminate food with chippings of nail varnish, dirt from under the nails or parts of nail extensions.  Long nails or extensions could also be trapped or ripped moving round the school through doors and corridors, causing pain and upset.  They could also hurt others, for example, during PE, games or drama practical work.  These are situations which are easily avoided.

If a student comes to school wearing nail varnish, they will be asked by their tutor or member of SLT to remove it immediately with nail polish remover.

If a student comes to school with nail extensions or long nails, they may not be allowed to take part in P.E, drama or practical lessons and will not be allowed out for break or lunch playtimes. A phone call home will be made to advise that these will need to be removed/clipped at the earliest opportunity.

For clarity, fingernails should not protrude beyond the ends of the fingers.

"I have included below some images of nails to give an indication of acceptable / unacceptable length and styles".       Mrs J Rigby - Headteacher  July 2021