Staff Wellbeing


World Mental Health Day:
“we reduced sick days and staff turnover through action on teacher wellbeing”


Blog from website - October 2019:

As part of World Mental Health Day, Jenny Rigby, Headteacher at Meadow High School in Hillingdon, shares how her school are taking action to improve wellbeing and support their staff.

Last year I was approached by the Department for Education and asked to join an Expert Advisory Group (EAG) that was being set up to look into the mental health of school teachers and leaders. I was delighted to say yes as this is a huge area of  interest to me. My philosophy is, if I can ensure that the staff at Meadow are supported and equipped they will be able to do their jobs to the best of their ability. This is turn then this will have a positive impact upon pupils. Basically, staff who functioning well do a better job!

I have met with the other members of the EAG twice and am looking forward to a further meeting this term. I hope that the recommendations, solutions and strategies resulting from the EAG will have a positive impact across education

Mrs J Rigby
January 2020