Speech & Language Therapy

The Speech and Language Therapy Service endeavours to maximise each students individual communication potential. Each childs speech, language and communication needs are identified in their Education Health Care Plan. These needs are reassessed each year as part of the educational Annual Review Process.

The Speech and Language Therapy service work with those children who have a specific statemented need for Speech and Language Therapy. However, any child may be referred to the service by anyone who has concerns.

Pupils at Meadow High school have a wide and varying range of complex needs relating to:-

  • Attention and listening skills
  • Receptive language skills
  • Expressive language skills
  • Phonology.
  • Speech and language delay or disorder (including stammering and selective mutism).
  • Social communication skills.
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication needs.
  • Functional communication skills
  • Eating and Drinking needs.
  • Sensory integration

The SLT Service at Meadow High:

  • Identifies pupils with SLT on Education Health Care Plan.
  • Provides Assessment (formal and observation)
  • Sets targets with suggested activities annually
  • Provides programmes of therapy: Individual, paired, group, class-based in termly blocks, on a weekly basis
  • Provides Annual Review reports
  • Works as part of the Multi-Disciplinary team i.e. Parents, Teaching staff, OT, Physio, SEN Officer, ED Psych etc. to support and develop an optimum communication environment to maximise the pupils level of access to the curriculum.
  • Provides specific training and supportive information as needed and on request.