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British Science Week 2017

As part of British Science Week 2017, Meadow took delivery of some chicken eggs...... chick below to see what happened.........

Living Eggs Programme 

We are taking delivery of our eggs from Monday 6th March 2017 when they will be almost ready to hatch.  

They will be kept in an incubator at first and then transferred to a brooder box where they are kept warm and the children will  help feed and look after the chicks.

The purpose of this project in science is for the children to :

1.    Gain  or extend an understanding of a
        Life Cycle.

2.    To experience caring for and nurturing a
        living creature.

3.    Interpret the laws of nature.

4.    Extend language and observation skills.

5.    Learn by experience.

All children will see the eggs and chicks and if appropriate have the opportunity to hold them.  Health and Safety procedures will be followed.

We are very excited in the science department as this is a great opportunity for the students to have first hand science experience!

Watch updates of the chicks on Youtube. Click below

Chick Fest 001

Chick Fest 002

Chick Fest 003

Chick Fest 004

Chick Fest 005

Chick Fest 006

Chick Fest 007

Chick Fest 008

Update - 9.3.17
We now have 8 chicks.  Chick number 5, 6 and 7 born yesterday afternoon and chick no 8 born overnight.  Dont worry if you dont see all eight chicks- some have been moved to another chick-box as it was getting a  little crowded.