School Council Policy



The aim of Meadow High’s School Council is to give pupils the opportunity to express their views about school life in a forum where they will be listened to and action will be taken where appropriate. The School Council will also have the opportunity in participating in improving the school community.




  • To give the pupil the opportunity to be involved in improving school life for everyone.
  • For pupils to work collectively with staff, to develop a caring school environment.
  • To involve pupils in organising special events and fundraising activities.
  • To build pupil’s confidence and self esteem.
  • To add an important dimension to the review of behaviour management and associated policy and practice.




The School Council will help the pupils to:

  • enjoy and feel empowered by their education;
  • feel that their school responds to their needs;
  • have the opportunity to let adults know their feelings and opinions about things that affect them;
  • have a say about decisions, and to play an active role in making their school a better place;
  • develop active life skills through participating.


The role of the School Council Link teacher


The school council link teacher has a key role to play in developing the effectiveness of the school council and in promoting pupil participation more widely.


The link teacher must have


  • status
  • the respect of the pupils, teachers and non-teaching staff 
  • visible support from the senior leadership team.


The link teacher must be:


  • committed to the principles of pupil participation
  • able to give time to support the school council and promote its activities
  • willing to listen to and be prepared to share responsibility with pupils.


The link teacher might be responsible for:


  • organising elections
  • training class/year group representatives
  • arranging and attending meetings
  • helping pupils to prepare agendas and minutes
  • offering support and guidance
  • reporting back to colleagues
  • informing governors and parents/carers
  • helping to raise the profile of the school council
  • monitoring and evaluating the progress made


However, it is not the responsibility of the School Council link teacher to implement school council proposals.  This is a shared, whole –school responsibility.


The Class Teacher/Form Tutor


The form tutor has an important but not time-consuming role.


The form tutor should support the class by:


  • providing support for pupils when electing their class representatives
  • allowing regular time for class discussions
  • encouraging and supporting discussions so that they reflect the views of all pupils
  • providing alternative ways to collect the views of pupils


The form tutor should support the class representatives by:


  • encouraging them to attend School Council meetings
  • preparing them for School Council meetings by holding class discussions to identify issues of concern for the class
  • allowing time for them to report back to the class after meetings
  • provide opportunities to display agenda, minutes etc. in the class/ form room.



The School Council Link Governor


Communication between the governing Body and the School Council can be improved by appointing a school council link governor.


The school council link governor might be responsible for:


  • raising awareness of pupil participation with the governing body
  • attending school council meetings
  • liaising with the school council link teacher
  • reporting governing body decisions to the school council
  • working with senior leaders to promote a whole school approach to pupil participation
  • communicating with parents/carers and other community partners to gain support