School Council Minutes

School Council Agenda and Minutes:

CiN Day Friday and Global Children’s Day - 18/11 and 20/11:

Many students wish to attend the “dance off” during lunch

Cake Sale 










Jack Petchy: 

All students have handed voting forms out to their class 

We will be voting for November Jack Petchy in the next two weeks 


Students are pleased with the introduction of Pasta King and the meals 

They want to know when there are halal options (see below) 

Matters Arising: 

  • The toilets in the Science Corridor smell (Haseeb on behalf of class BA)
    Response: a ticket will be raised for the site team

  • A lunch menu should be put up in the dining hall (Kanize)
    Response: Miss Taylor will enquire that this is happening as there are plans for it to be done 

  • Students want a common room in Pathway 1 (Harry K) 
    Response: Miss Taylor will ask Mrs Willis, Mr Haines and Mr Parker

  • Students want more swings in the school like the one in the blue playground 

Students want more Clubs at break times: 

  • Football 

  • Basketball 

  • Fitness Club including dodgeball 

  • Rugby Club (and additional football goals and rugby goals) 

  • Reading club and a toys club

Students wished for bikes and scooters to be available for when the field track is open

Response: Miss Taylor explained that there are already many clubs - she has said that teachers will make some posters about these so all students know about them. 

Date of Next Meeting: