Programme of Study

The programmes of study to be offered for the KS3, KS3 and KS5.

All programmes of study can be certificated internally by Meadow High School Vocational Faculty and externally by:

ASDAN (Award Scheme and Development and Accreditation Network) or City & Guilds.  

The Minister of State for School Standards states that: Personalised learning, ‘means assessment, teaching, curriculum and school strategies designed to ensure that the talents of every individual can be fully realised.  It aims to raise standards for all by setting high expectations based on a sound knowledge and understanding of every child.’

Programmes of study at Meadow High have been chosen to offer flexibility for both staff and pupils in line with National Curriculum 2014* guidelines to ensure:  Personalised Pupil Learning.

KS3 Stepping Stones (ASDAN)

Year 7 and 8 are to continue the PHSE and Citizenship through the ASDAN Stepping Stones.  Students achieve certification when eight challenges are completed (more certificates can be achieved if more challenges are completed). There are prepared internal certificates to reward students for individual challenges and separate class certificates for individual projects successfully completed.

In Year 9 students who have completed the Stepping Stones challenges required for certification will be able to move on to the Key Steps Programme where they will be working towards the KEY STEPS AWARD which can lead onto other ASDAN qualifications.  There are no fixed number of Personal Challenges to be completed, but the centre must demonstrate 30-35 hours work on Key Steps Personal Challenges per academic year. There is no limit to the number of Key Steps certificates you can gain.  Students are able to work at their own pace.  A long term scheme of work is provided in line with QCA guidelines.


Key Steps (ASDAN)

New Horizons (ASDAN)

In line with the ethos of the Faculty which uses programmes of study that reflect the needs of the years 10 and 11 pupils and the new requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum (e.g. the statutory need for Citizenship) the Vocational Faculty has extended the use of Key Steps up until year 11.


Personal and Social Development (ASDAN)

New Horizons (ASDAN)

Towards Independence (ASDAN)

Horticulture (City & Guilds)

Hairdressing (City& Guilds)

PSD (Personal and Social Development) programme of study is offered to students ‘Entry 1 - 3 and above,  with ASDAN NEW HORIZONS being offered to students working at the P-levels.  

At the start of the academic year 2014 the sixth form started to have discreet PSHE/Citizenship lessons, which will included a continuation of the ASDAN PSD programme.

New Horizons and Towards Independence will be delivered for the P-Level students.

In line with previous action plans the Vocational Faculty has offered, from 2010 students in the 6th Form Level 1 Diplomas and certification from City & Guilds in Practical Horticulture Skills and City and Guilds qualifications in Construction and Hairdressing. The certification can be achieved at the levels of: AWARD, Certificate and Diploma.  Each Unit is primarily practical based and students can re-sit any Unit at any time.