Meadow High School Policies

To read, translate, download or print any of our Statutory Policy documents,
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For a copy of any of our other policies please contact the School Office.

A list of our policies is set out below


Statutory Policies

Admissions Policy

Behaviour Management and Policy Procedure

Capability Policy

Charging For School Activities Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Code of Conduct

Complaints Procedure

Data Protection Policy

Dealing with Allegations of Abuse Against Teachers and Staff

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

Equality Objectives Policy and Equality Information

Freedom of Information Policy

Governors' Allowances

Grievance Procedure

Health & Safety Policy

Home School Agreement

Instrument of Government

Instrument of Government - Cabinet Decision Notice

Performance Appraisal Policy For Teachers

Premises Management Policy

School Accessibility and Disability Policy

SEN Policy and Information Report

Sex and Relationship Education

Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs Policy

Teachers' Pay Policy


Non Statutory Policies - Safeguarding

Anti-Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy

Complaints Against Staff

Drugs Education Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy


ICT Usage Policy

Lone Working Policy

Looked After Children Policy

Smoking Policy


Non Statutory Policies - General


Collective Worship Policy

Cover Policy

Curriculum Policy

Cycling to School Policy

Extended Learning Policy

Finance Policy

Gender, Transgender and Sexuality

Governors' Virtual Meeting Attendance Policy

Governors Induction Policy

Governors Visits to School

Lettings Policy

Literacy Across the Curriculum

Marking Policy

Pay Policy

Safer Recruitment and Selection Policy

Social Media Policy

Special Leave Policy

TOIL Policy

Transition Policy

Voluntary Fund Policy

Volunteer Policy

Whistle-blowing Policy

Exams Policies

Examinations Policy 2018-2019

Exams - Disability Policy 2018-2019

Exams - Internal Appeals Procedure 2018-2019

Exams - Non Examination Assessment Policy 2018-2019

Exams - Use of a Word Processor During Exams Policy 2018-2019