Physiotherapy at Meadow High School is concerned with the assessment and treatment of pupils who have physical impairments.  These impairments may prevent them from participating effectively in lessons and/or activities of daily living.

The goal of treatment is to diminish impairments and functional limitations to enhance their skills. Physiotherapists work with families and other health and educational professionals to enhance a student’s well-being and independence.

During an assessment, the physiotherapist will focus on:

  • Sitting/lying positioning,
  • Balance,
  • Walking,
  • Coordination,
  • Posture,
  • Manipulation of small objects,
  • Joint range of movement,
  • Muscle strength, reflexes,
  • Equilibrium and righting reactions, (i.e. the ability to recover when losing balance)

Treatment techniques may include:

  • The use of equipment to correct abnormal positioning/posture
  • Stretching and strengthening to aid muscle and joint function
  • Provision of balance and coordination exercises to reduce falls and clumsiness.
  • Aquatic therapy (also known as hydrotherapy).
  • Recommendations regarding exercises, seating, orthotics, (e.g. shoe inserts) and assistive devices if appropriate.