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Here are some of the activities we have undertaken in PSHE

First Aid

Year 7 and 8 First Aid Sessions

On Wednesday 13th January St John Ambulance came in to school to train small groups of years 7 and 8 throughout the day.  They taught them what to do in different situations when they would use first aid.

The children watched some different scenarios, discussed what they would do first and talked through how to help the casualty.  They learned about danger, response, shouting for help, opening airway, checking breathing and how to put someone into the recovery position.

The children loved having St John Ambulance in to teach them.  They learend what they need to do to give First aid and they had great fun practising putting each other into the recovery position.

“Thank you St John Ambulance. The best bit was doing the recovery position.” Marinette 7JR

“Thank you for the first aid lesson, it was very helpful. The best bit was watching the video.” Mahnoor 7JR

Many thanks to Lisa and Darren from St John Ambulance for coming to Meadow High School to give the children the training.


A-Life Programme

On Tuesday 24 April 2018, the A-life Programme were in school to run some sessions for various groups in year 7, 8 and 9.    The sessions included:   Healthy Living, Fitness Circuit Training and, for year 9, Drugs and Alcohol Education.  

Here is some feedback from the Year 7s:

" It was fabulous because it was fun!" Shaun 7SK

" It was awesome and interesting." Alfie  7SK

"I learnt a lot." Grace  7SK

"It made me think about what I do in my life." Tahiyah 7SK

A-life have been booked again for next year!

More photos of the A Life Programme for this year, and past years, are on the School Website under Learning/Vocational/PSHE.

To read more about the work A-life do please visit their website:

Mrs Evans—PSHE Co-ordinator




On Tuesday 25 April 2017, The Vocational Faculty at Meadow High School arranged for A-life to come in for a fun, healthy learning day for our Year 7 and 8 pupils.

A-life has fully qualified health related fitness instructors to educate children about the food they eat and the exercise they can do.

The sessions were: Year 7 Health Workshop,
Year 7 Circuits fitness, Year 9 Alcohol and drugs

Feedback from pupils:
"I enjoyed learning about how our bodies work." Lazaro 7JE
" I enjoyed putting together the vegetable puzzle in a group." Ricky 7JE

Mrs Fabisch - Faculty Head - Vocational
Mrs Evans - PSHE Lead


Meadow General Election 2017

The United Kingdom held its last General Election in 2017

At Meadow, we held our own General Election.

Here are some pictures of our pupils voting in their own General Election.

Please click here to see more information about the Meadow General Election and see lots of photos of the day.




Bikability 2018

Every year Hillingdon road safety team come into school to check bike safety (Doctor bike) and run a course for four mornings.  There were 18 participants this year across the school. Some pupils passed level 1 and some passed level 1 and 2. The participants were given a certificate and a badge. For the first year, four of our pupils will be taking part in level 3 at the end of April. The feedback from the children included;

"It was so much fun, it was awesome!"  Bobby W— 7SK.  

Mrs Evans—PHSE Co-Ordinator.



"Following the success of completing level 1 and 2 Bikeability in March 2018, four of our Meadow High School pupils have gone on to complete level 3.

This is a first for our school and the trainers and pupils have given great feedback on this achievement.

The pupils who have completed level 3 on the two training mornings 25th April and 27th April 2018 are:

  • Shaun C (7SK )
  • Aimee P (8LB) 
  • Matthew D (9MK) 
  • Zechariah G (10ZK) 

Matthew D said 

“It was fun and exciting being on main roads, it was a great experience.”


Zech G said

“The trainers were lovely, they explained what to do well and I had a great time.“


Well done to all four pupils and a huge thanks to the Road Safety Team at Hillingdon for their fantastic work with our pupils and for being so lovely to work with."

Jennie Evans
PSHCE Coordinator Meadow High School