New Build

13 December 2019

Build Update

For any family members who were here picking up their child this past Monday, you would have seen a large number of visitors looking at the coaches and car parks at the end of the day. This was our first time having building contractors on site! Alongside the build teams, the Local    Authority and the Department for Education, contractors came in to visit the school and learn about the proposed build.

We spent considerable time talking about our pupils and how important it will be to avoid disruption as far as possible during the build period. Many contractors were already very aware of the potential sensory needs of pupils and were mindful of ensuring that noise, particularly, is minimised.

We were extremely lucky to have a large number of contractors who are interested in taking on our project and we hope to have an appointed contractor by January.

We anticipate sessions during the summer term, where stakeholders can view plans for the school and I will, of course, make you aware of these as soon as dates are agreed.

The timeline for the build (at the moment) shows a start date of September 2020 with a completion date of September 2022.

I will update you as we have more information, it's really exciting and really happening!

Mrs J Rigby—Headteacher


To see some photos of the new build please click here