Literacy Week 2016 - One World

29 Feb 2016 - 4 March 2016

To support building a positive school community that recognises the importance of ‘achieving together’ the Humanities and English & EAL Faculties are running a week of fun and activities to celebrate the theme of One World.  We are linking this with our Reading Week and World Book Day promoting the importance of reading. The week ran from Mon. 29th February to
Fri. 4th March ’16.

There were many activities going on around the school for the children to take part in: Dragon Painting, Themed Lunches, a Music and Dance Concert, a ‘Culture Club’ held at lunchtime where staff and some parents shared their personal experiences of everyday life in other countries.

There were displays of photos of students on holiday around the world and maps pinpointing the countries.

On Friday 4th March we held a Non Uniform Day where children and staff dressed up in clothes that are from around the world or even in the colours of the country they love.

Lex The Dragon

Lex the Dragon has flown into the grounds of Meadow High School and is still waiting for our help.  He loves to travel and has flown all around the world learning about
how people live in different countries, trying different foods, listening to different sounds and languages.  He has enjoyed his travels so much it has changed his ideas about the world AND the markings and colours on his scales.  He is now covered in flags from all around the world!  He needs the help of our Meadow High School students to add the correct colours to some of the flags.  George our Reading Dragon and Lex our EAL Dragon were very keen to attend and help with our One World Week.