Lex & George The Dragons

Lex is our Dragon who helps with EAL (English As An Additional Language).   Lex loves to travel and has flown all around the World learning about how people live in different countries.    He liked Meadow so much, he decided to stay.  He lives near the Sensory Garden.   Have you seen him?      You can read the full story of how Lex came to be at Meadow High School by clicking the page link opposite.

This is Lex the EAL Dragon.  He loves to travel to different countries to see how people live.

In November 2017,  Lex took part in Cultures & Festivals Week, which was led by the Humanities Faculty and supported by the English Faculty.   He is very interested to hear about other countries, cultures, festivals and traditions.  Lex wants to help our EAL learners.    If you would like to send a question about a country to Lex, he will try and answer as soon as possible.   You could use the attached slip or email him (email address below).

Lex also has a friend called George The Dragon,  George helps with Reading and Literacy.  He absolutely LOVES books.   George can often be found in the Library, usually with his nose in a book.  You can read about George The Dragon' s story by clicking the page link opposite.


This is George the Reading Dragon.  He is wearing his reading glasses because there are lots of new books to read in the Library !

Pupils can email  the Dragons to ask questions.  They know lots of things.  Lex's favourite subjects are Dragons and Geography (learning about how people live in different countries).  George like to talk about reading, books and stories...... oh, and Dragons.  There is an attachment below which you could print out and use to send a question to Lex.

Lex and George have their own email address dragons@meadowhighschool.org.