Lettings Policy




It is the intention of the Governing Body of Meadow High School to let the school hall at a reasonable rate, but to ensure the full costs of all hires are recovered, to ensure valuable school resources are not wasted.


1.   Site Manager’s salary - charged as overtime

  1. Heating etc.
  2. Cleaning

Letting Fees

Weekdays:   £40 per hour

Weekends:   £50 per hour

To support and encourage clubs providing activities for our pupils and to support the wider community, at the Headteacher’s discretion, lets may be agreed at reduced or free rates to non-profit groups or where required to provide an extra-curricular activity for our pupils.

The Governing Body has decided not to let the school:

  • On bank holidays
  • For weddings
  • For children’s parties
  • Beyond 11pm at night


Indoor Bouncy Castles are not allowed.


The Governing Body would accept no responsibility for injury, damage or loss of property to the client whilst on site. 


Access would be restricted to the main hall, adjoining toilets and entrance lobby.  All other corridors, offices, rooms will be locked and inaccessible.


All lettings will be agreed in advance and paperwork including the client’s insurance and safeguarding checks, where required, will be reviewed and approved by the Deputy Headteacher.


To be reviewed annually

Approved 1.4.19