Jack Petchey Outstanding Achiever Awards

There are ten Jack Petchey Outstanding Achiever Awards made in a school year.  

To find out more about Jack Petchey Awards, and the Jack Petchey Foundation please go to the Jack Petchey page on this website (Learning/National Links/Jack Petchey).

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Jack Petchey Outstanding Achievers
Award Winners

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S 


WINNER - JUNE 2019 !

Sarah won the Jack Petchey award for June!

When Sarah first came to Meadow she found things a little difficult. Now she tries her hardest in all lessons and is now helping others students in her class. Her attitude towards school and her lessons has changed and now she is always positive and tries their hardest to work her hardest and follow all the school rules. She is always helpful to other staff and other students who are finding things difficult.

Well Done Sarah!

Sarah chose to spend £250 towards new playground games!


Paul won the Jack Petchey award for May!

Paul was nominated as he always comes to school with a positive attitude towards his learning and gets on with the work set in lessons.  Paul always comes to school in smart attire. When in lessons Paul always work hard contributing to discussions and answers questions in lessons. Paul takes responsibility for his own learning at home doing Independent reading and writing at home without being instructed to do so. Paul’s behaviour is always good and with this he regularly achieves star of the week in his form group. 

Well Done Paul!

Paul chose to spend £250 towards a new pool table for common room!


Paul won the Jack Petchey award for April!

Paul was nominated for coping really well with a significant change that has impacted him recently.  Despite this change Paul has been determined to keep positive and keep his independence by accepting a work experience placement and to go out on that work experience independently.

Well Done Paul!

Paul chose to spend £250 towards decorations for the school prom!!


Paige won the Jack Petchey award for January! Paige won because she has stepping out of her comfort zone and trying new things by joining various clubs, Shining Stars, Production Club and Fitness Club, in performing arts clubs she is a wonderful example of good behaviour to younger students and has a fantastic positive attitude. 

Well Done Paige!

Paige chose to spend £250 towards costumes and props for the summer show!


Bayley won the Jack Petchey award for November!

Bayley won because since returning to school he has taken control of their own personal care.

Keeping to strict timings and using new equipment to make himself more independent. Bayley always tries his best to overcome difficult situations and his determined attitude helps him do this.    

Well Done Bayley!

Bayley chose to spend £250 on new bean bags for the library!

Winner—October 2018

Congratulations to Tillie who won the Jack Petchey award for October!  Tillie won because she attends a variety of clubs within school and outside of school and shows real dedication and always works hard at the clubs she attends.  Tillie always helps the younger students when attending clubs at Meadow High School when they need a little extra support.   Well Done!

Tillie!  Tillie chose to spend £250 towards equipment for Meadow’s new scouting skills group!

September 2018

Luke won the Jack Petchey award for September!

Luke won because Luke has returned to school from the summer with an excellent positive attitude towards school and lessons.  He has been coming to lessons well prepared with the correct equipment. He comes into class ready to learn and is producing really high standards of work.

Well Done Luke!

Luke chose to spend £250 towards new football kits for the school football team and after school club. 


June 2018


Anthony won the Jack Petchey award because he has been very brave, tried new things and has been dealing with situations in a mature way.

Anthony chose to spend the award money towards the cost of a Slush Puppy machine for everyone who attends the Meadow High School Prom to enjoy.   Thanks from everyone Anthony!

Congratulations Anthony!


May 2018


Hana was chosen as she has shown increased maturity, has been successfully using strategies put in place for her and been kind to others.

Hana chose to spend her award money on costumes and resources for the Meadow productions.  Good choice Hana!

Well done Hana!

April 2018


Connor put in an amazing effort to improve his attendance. He achieved his goal and was also very helpful and a good role model on the residential trip to Devon.

Connor chose to spend his £250 award money towards the cost of the coach for Kids Day Out.   Great! Thank you Connor

Well done Connor!

March 2018


Arjun is a dedicated student who always tries his very best. He engages well and has made good friends within the school which is a great achievement.

Arjun chose to spend his £250 award winner’s money on some lovely, soft cushioned mats which we can use during assemblies so that everyone can be more comfortable.

Well done Arjun !

February 2018


Ben is helpful and caring to others, has shown great determination to become physically independent and is a fantastic role model to others around the school.

Ben chose to spend his award money on magazine subscriptions. Magazines will arrive regularly and be available for everyone to read in the library. Thank you!

Well done Ben !


January 2018


Letty is always willing to assist her peers when needed. She encourages and supports others to learn and shows friendliness, maturity and kindness to everyone in

Letty chose to spend the £250 award money on polo shirts for after school sports clubs. Students who go to football, basketball or cricket club are supplied with polo shirts with the  school logo on.

Well done Letty !


November 2017


Jamie overcomes difficulties, is kind to others and works hard in all of his lessons. Jamie is always willing to help and support staff with daily jobs and is a pleasure to teach. 

Jamie chose to spend the award money on a new football table for the 6th Form Common Room. This is something for Jamie to look forward to when he starts 6th form in September.

Great choice Jamie!

October 2017


Hayden was nominated because he is hard working and mature, he takes responsibility for his own health and well-being and recently even managed to complete a 5k park run. Hayden is confident and a good friend to all students in his class.

Hayden chose to spend his   award money on dazzling decorations which will be put up around the school during Cultural Week.

Congratulations Hayden!


September 2017


Morgan received the Jack Petchey Achievement Award because of the friendliness and maturity she shows around school, having a very positive attitude in school, managing well with semi-independent living and helping others.

Morgan chose to spend £250 award money on a television with DVD player for the 6th form common room and a selection of DVD’s which can be enjoyed by all of her peers.

Well done Morgan!

June 2017

For working hard to develop a better understanding of the needs of others, challenging himself to work towards high level qualifications and willingly giving up his own time to do so.

Congratulations Joshua !

May 2017

For working hard on his independence skills and for improving social skills, especially within his form.

Great Job Sean !


March 2017

Abdalla consistently works hard and is always ready to assist others.

He is well behaved and responsible when representing the school and is polite at all times.

Congratulations Abdalla !


February 2017

Rebekka has been very caring, ensuring others have the correct equipment in lessons and making sure less able studentws have their coats on before going outside in the cold weather.  

She encourages others to make good choices.

Very well done Rebekka !

January 2017

Everyone can see how much Nile's confidence has grown since he started at Meadow High School.  

He is always very pleasant and polite to all around him.  

He is a team player, helpful to peers and is always keen to complete any task given.

Congratulations Nile !



November 2016
Curtis (VL)

For dedicated work in both school and after school activities and designing costumes and character profiles for the Summer Production.  Curtis uses his talent and skills to contribute towards the organisation of make-up, wardrobe and set design.

Great work Curtis !


October 2016
Ryan L

Ryan received the Jack Petchey award for working hard in lessons towards independence, making big strides in his motivation to learn and showing the ability to work without support.

Ryan has also done some brilliant and inspiring artwork and has been sharing his thoughts and feelings.

Well done Ryan !


September 2016
Imtiyaz H 

For being a fantastic School Councillor.  Sharing brilliant, mature ideas a the meetings - especially introducing the Meadow Museum.

For inspiring others to contribute their thoughts and ideas in the meetings.

Being a good role model.

Fantastic job Nile !


June 2016
Harry N 

Settling in so well to a new school.

Developing  social interaction within a club.

Attending Scripwriters club and helping create this year’s new script and acting it out so well in the Summer Production.  

Great to be around and a great friend.

Congratulations Harry !


May 2016

Having a passion to learn, always works to achieve his best

African Djembe Workshop

Congratulations Davyd !


April 2016

Jodie won the award for being a positive, helpful influence to others.

Brilliant job Jodie !