Issue 20 - 8 February 2019





Issue 20 - 8 February 2019



Thursday 14 February and Friday 15 February 2019


Annual Review meetings will be taking place for all pupils.  You will have received an
appointment time in the post, please arrive in good time for your appointment.   If you are unable to attend your Annual Review please telephone the school at your earliest opportunity on

 01895 443310.  Pupils may attend their annual review with their parents/carers.

Pupil Absence

Some parents may have noticed school has a new way of reporting pupils absence. When you dial the school phone number please pick option 1 and leave a message clearly stating your child's name and the reason for their absence. Please be specific, if it is due to illness state what illness or other circumstance. Please notify school everyday of your child's absence and provide medical evidence upon their return to school in the form of prescribed medication or appointment cards. The Welfare Team can give advice regarding the length of time needed off school if your child has an infectious condition. Please do not hesitate to contact either Berni Gamble or Alison Wallington. Thank you.

Term Dates

Please find attached a copy of the Term Dates (2019-2020) for NEXT school year (starting in September 2019).   One further training day is still to be added.

The following was written by Alfie in 8MS as part of an Intervention session, supporting in creative writing.  Great work Alfie !

"There was a villager called Raen, he was nicknamed ‘Sword Breaker’ because he could break swords. He had a wooden axe as a 10th birthday present from his family. One day Raen was in the woods and came across a Bullette trying to eat Raen’s dog, Raen Junior. Raen was angry and had a battle with the Bullette, Clash ! went Raen’s axe blade, Chomp ! went the Bullette’s knife-like teeth, then with one mighty blow of his Axe Raen lopped the head of beast from its body.”


Mr M Rainsbury—Assistant Head, Years 7 and 8

We have a GB Athlete, Luke Lennon-Ford, coming into school next Tuesday (12 February)!   Luke is a 400 metre sprinter.  He will be coming to work with the Year 9s.   What a fantastic opportunity for our pupils!  More details in a future Bulletin.

Valentine’s Day Sale

Class LD will be selling hand-made Valentines Day items next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the Reception area at break time.  


Maths Week 2019 was a huge success !


Pupils worked extremely hard in their maths lesson during the week decorating their number t-shirts.  They also worked in class groups to create canvases which will be displayed around the school. 

The winners of the canvas competition were: 

Class JE - Numicon

Class 8MS - Fractions

Class 10MC - Roman Numerals 

Class 7FM - Place Value

Class TW - Ordinal Numbers

The snow did not hold us back... we held our number themed fair and I can confirm that we raised £223.95 for our school chosen charity DASH. 

Thank you for donating cakes and sending in lots of change to be spent at the fair. 

We even had a friendly staff t-shirt competition and the winner was Mr Baker, he identified all the qualities it takes to be a teaching assistant in percentages!

It was a brilliant week and we are already looking forward to celebrating again next year!

Below are some photos of Maths Week 2019.

Mrs A Mistry—Head of Maths Faculty



Letters Home

Letter to Selected pupils
Leadership opportunity—fencing

Letter to selected Sixth Form Pupils
Heathrow Jobs and Careers Fair

Letter to Class FB
Change of Form Tutor

School Lunches

Week:  11—15 February 2019

WEEK 3 (Winter Menu)

Upcoming Events


13 February 2019

ASD Coffee Morning 10.00-11.00am


14 & 15 February 2019

Annual Review Days

School is CLOSED to pupils


18-22 February 2019



4-8 March 2019

World Book Day & Activities Week


14 March 2019

Dyspraxia Coffee Morning—10am


14 March 2019

Parents Evening—Years  9, 11 & 6th Form

(including 6th Form Thematic)


15 March 2019

Red Nose Day—Charity Day


18-22 March 2019

Work Experience Week—Year 12 and 13


20 March 2019

ASD Coffee Morning—10am


25-29 March 2019

Residential Trip to Devon—Year 9 –14

Selected pupils only


1-5 April

French & German students visit MHS


Friday 5 April 2019



6 April—22 April 2019


22 April—Bank Holiday Monday


Tuesday 23 April 2019

BACK TO SCHOOL—9am start


24 April 2019

ASD Coffee Morning – 10am


Friday 3 May

School Photographer—Class Photos


Monday 6 May

Bank Holiday


16 May 2019

Dyspraxia Coffee Morning—10am


24 May 2019

Training Day



27 May—31 May 2019



Meadow High School

Term Times



Autumn Term 2019

Training Day                              Monday 2 September 2019

Training Day                              Tuesday 3 September 2019

Term Starts                               Wednesday 4 September 2019

Half Term Holiday                      21 – 25 October 2019

Term Ends                                 Friday 20 December 2019 @ 2pm




Spring Term 2020

Term Starts                               Monday 6 January 2020

Half Term Holiday                      17 – 21 February 2020

Term Ends                                Friday 3 April 2020 @ 2pm


Summer Term 2020

Term Starts                               Monday 20 April 2020

May Day                                    Monday 4 May 2020

Training Day                              Friday 22 May 2020

Half Term Holiday                      25 May – 29 May 2020

Training Day                              Friday 26 June 2020

Term Ends                                Tuesday 21 July 2020 @ 2pm


1 x Training Day TBC

Bank Holidays 2020

New Years Day 
1 January

Good Friday
10 April

Easter Monday
13 April

May Day Holiday
4 May

Spring Bank Holiday 
25 May