Issue 16 - 11 January 2019





Issue 16 - 11 January 2019

Happy New Year

and welcome back to school for the Spring Term.

Annual Reviews will take place on 14th / 15th February 2019. Pupils are not required to attend school on these dates, but are invited to attend their own individual annual review. An invite letter with your appointment time and paperwork will be posted home 14 days before the review dates.

School to Parent Text Messages—please can parents not reply to text messages sent home by the school as these messages are not monitored and we are not able to reply to you.  Thank you.   

Zebra Crossing Outside School.  Please could parents make sure they use the zebra crossing outside school when crossing Royal Lane to and from school.   Some pupils are copying parents who do not use the crossing.  This is putting some pupils in danger.   Please always use the crossing and set a good example to the pupils.  Our pupils will learn from seeing adults crossing the road safely and it will encourage the pupils to use the crossing themselves.  Thank you for your support in this important matter.

Parent Lite App.  Thank you to those parents who have already signed up to the     Parent Lite App. Please can we remind those parents who have yet to sign up that this app is a way for the school to keep yours / your child's data accurate in a secure way. If any of your contact details change you are able to update the school instantly by using the app. If you have any questions please contact the school office. 

Letters for the Devon trip have gone out again, as many pupils lost their copy before Christmas. If you would like your child to go, please return the slip to Miss Bhopal as soon as possible, so that they can be entered in the ballot. If you have already completed the form, there is no need to do this again. Names will be picked  Thanks.


“Our School provides a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment, where everyone can be inspired and supported to do their personal best”.

Regular attendance helps children and young adults to develop their confidence and to make and keep lasting friendships. 

This year, the school has introduced different reward systems to recognise Exceptional Attendance as well as “Best Improved Attendance”.  Each term the students with 100% attendance have a chance to win one of the three prizes awarded for exceptional attendance.

We are pleased to announce the Autumn term winners:  Leah C (9LO), Emma W (7SK) and Ben H (9LO) won a £10 Intu Gift Card each! 

Congratulations to the lucky winners and good luck to everybody in the Spring Term!

Mrs A Fabisch— Vocational Faculty Head

London Irish Rugby Club are working with our Year 11 pupils this term, teaching them tag-rugby. It was the first session on Wednesday and the coach was really impressed with our students.  If you would like to follow more of the events within the PE faculty , please follow MeadowPE on twitter.     

Mr M Vincent— PE Faculty Head

Library Reading Passports – Spring Term 2019

As you are aware, as part of our work to encourage all our students to understand the importance of reading, build core skills and have fun learning about the world around them, we run a Reading Challenge each term.  Students each have a Reading Passport which they fill up by reading books.  Form Tutors and our Librarian, Mrs. Wilkes, monitor how hard students work and at the end of term a reading prize is awarded for each form group.  Students receive a certificate to record their achievement and a book specifically chosen for them. 

We believe that ‘All Reading Counts’ so please encourage your child to use their reading skills as much as possible at home for all sorts of tasks.  All this extra reading can be recorded in their Link books so that we can make sure their hard work is recognised.

This term’s Reading Passports link to the World Book Day week of activities that we will be running from 4th—8th March 2019.  The theme this year ‘storytelling’ and we have lots of exciting ideas that we will be sharing with you and the students nearer the time. 

If you look on the back of the Reading Passport you will see information for students on The Zones of Regulation.  This is something we are developing the use of in school and is part of a borough-wide initiative. The Zones of Regulation is a programme geared towards helping students gain skills in consciously regulating their actions, which in turn leads to increased control and problem solving abilities. Students are supported to gain skills recognising when they are in different states called ‘zones’ and also learn how to use strategies or tools to stay in a zones or move from one to another.  The aim is for students to gain skills recognising and managing their emotions more effectively as well as develop a wider perspective about how others see and react to their behaviour.  We will be sharing more information regarding this work, however, if you want to ‘read ahead’                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Mrs A Sugden                                        Mrs C Heggie                                                 Mrs C Wilkes

English & EAL Faculty Leader             Reading Intervention Manager                    Librarian

The Christmas Jumper Charity Day held on the last day of term raised £149.15.  This money will be going off to the Save the Children charity very soon.  There were some amazing jumpers worn by staff and pupils.  Thank you everyone for your support.   Here are some photos of pupils enjoying their Big Breakfast and wearing some very colourful jumpers!   If you would like to find out more about the work Save the Children do please visit


Letters Home

Letter to Year 11 and 12

National Citizens Service


Letter to Year 13 and 14

Project Search


Letter to Whole School

After School Sports Clubs this term


Letter to  Whole School

Kids Evening Event


Separate Letters to

Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11

Food Technology Contributions


Letter to selected pupils

Food Technology Contributions


Letter to selected pupils

Food Technology Contributions—term 2


Letter to selected Year 9 pupils

Trip to Lords Cricket Ground


Upcoming Events

16 January 2019

ASD Coffee Morning—10am


24 January 2019

Dyspraxia Coffee Morning



24 January 2019

Parents Working Party—Extended Learning



28 January—1 February 2019

Maths Week


13 February 2018

ASD Coffee Morning


14 & 15 February 2019

Annual Review Days

school is closed to pupils


18-22 February 2019

Half Term


4-8 March 2019

World Book Day & Activities Week


14 March 2019

Parents Evening—Years  9, 11 & 6th Form

(including 6th Form Thematic)


15 March 2019

Red Nose Day—Charity Day


1-5 April

French & German students visit MHS


Friday 5 April 2019



6 April—22 April 2019


22 April—Bank Holiday Monday


Tuesday 23 April 2019

BACK TO SCHOOL—9am start


Monday 6 May

Bank Holiday


24 May 2019

Training Day



27 May—31 May 2019

Half Term


6 June 2018

Parents Evening  - Years 7, 8 and 10


28 June 2018

Training Day

School is Closed to pupils