Issue 1 - 7 September 2018





Issue 1 - 7 September 2018

Welcome back to school after what I hope was a good summer break!

Our new pupils have made an excellent start to their time at Meadow and I have been extremely impressed at how welcoming all our existing pupils have been to them. We have also been joined by several new staff and I am delighted to introduce you to them here:

Miss Ahmed -Teacher 

Miss McKen - Teacher 

Mr Glass - Teacher 

Miss Grieve - TA

Miss Fitzpatrick - TA

Miss Simmonds - TA

Mrs Blessed - TA

Mrs Kabhoo - TA

Miss Adams - TA

Mrs Wilbraham - TA

Mr Baker - TA

Mr Haines - TA

Miss Hamilton - TA

Miss Doig - TA

Mrs Pawagadhi - Science TA

Miss DIckinson - Cleaner

Miss Masterton-Bird - Cleaner



Georgia Smith - Occupational Therapist

Juliette Kerin - Occupational Therapist

Josh Blackwell - Rehab Assistant

Ranjana Nisanth - Rehab Assistant

Whirl Pereira - Locum Physiotherapist 


I have just received confirmation that the petition we instigated last year, to have a safe crossing point on Royal Lane, has been successful and will be completed this term. We are delighted that both our independent travellers and those travelling with family members will be safer when crossing this very busy road.

Plans for the new build are progressing well. The school and Local Authority are currently liaising with the build coordinators (the EFSA) regarding the joint funding an additional second hall which will mean we have both an assembly and sports hall. Towards the end of this term there will be stakeholder consultations when you will be able to come and see more detailed plans for the new school.

School staff are currently undertaking an in depth review of the pathways a pupil can follow through the school, the associated curricula and accreditation and our means of measuring and recording progress. We are currently trialling a system 'Evidence for Learning' which would provide ongoing feedback on pupil progress in the form of photos and videos. It would also make the annual school report redundant! 

We are currently rolling out another system 'Provision Map', which allows us to track interventions, for example Speech and Language Therapy, nurture group, anger management, reading interventions, Looked After Children interventions etc. We will not only have a complete map of what children are receiving, but also the desired outcome and the actual impact and cost of the interventions. Parents and Carers will receive a report about their child, most likely at the time of the annual review, enabling you to judge the effectiveness of provision.  More information will follow as the system comes on line.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Meet the Tutor evening on the 27th September. This is an opportunity to inform / update your child's form tutor with important information.

There will also be a 'Positive and Possible' consultation about changes / initiatives you might like to see at Meadow as well as various information stands in our main school hall and an
opportunity to hear from Faculty Leaders about the curriculum your child will follow this year. School Governors and representatives of the Friends of Meadow will also be on hand to talk to you. I hope you will make every effort to attend this interesting and important evening.

Finally, a reminder about the importance of our school website, which you can translate into your first language, use the search bar to find important information, peruse our fantastic gallery of photos and keep up to date with information and alerts.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2018 / 2019 academic year!

Mrs J Rigby—Headteacher

Important Information for Parents—Car Parking Arrangements on School Site.

Dear Parents and Carers,

Due to increased staffing we are unable to allow any parents/carers or private taxis to enter or park in the Staff Car Park at any time.  

PLEASE NOTE: This includes dropping pupils off.  

Access to the front car park, where the roundabout is, also needs to be limited due to health and safety concerns at times when the coaches and school transport minibuses are on site.

No parents/carers cars or taxis can access the site while school transport coaches and minibuses are on site. This is usually between 8:30am and 8:50am  and between 2:45pm and 3:15pm (unless you are attending a pre-arranged meeting in school). 

We appreciate that this causes some difficulties however have had to make this decision following some near accidents in the carpark. We are happy to discuss your needs on an individual basis if you feel there are safety or physical difficulties that you feel we should consider. 

We are happy to keep any pupils who are picked up in school until 3:30pm to allow time for you to access the main school carpark and are happy to discuss individual circumstances. Please also be aware that the traffic wardens often patrol the local area in the afternoons.

Class Hug

The school now has additional safety equipment for off site activities. Class Hug is a way of keeping staff aware of the distances between them and the pupils. Pupils can be assigned a Bluetooth tracker that is attached to them and linked with a staff member's device. Should a pupil stray too far away from set parameters, staff are immediately alerted so that they may bring the pupil back into a safe distance.    

Mr M Vincent—Faculty Leader, PE

We aim to provide parents with information about events, training and meetings in our community which we think may be of

interest, as well as those happening at Meadow.  We regularly receive information about events from the Hillingdon Parent/Carer Forum, HACS (Hillingdon Autistic Care & Support), London Borough of Hillingdon Children With Disabilities Team, and others.  Full information about upcoming events will be on our website under Events.   Information about what is on at Meadow will be on the school website calendar and in this Weekly Bulletin.  Here are some upcoming events which may be of interest:

FREE Autism Event for Parents - Help Me To Help Myself - 25 September 2018, Radisson Blu Portman Hotel

Sleep Tight Workshop  - October/November 2018—Barra Hall Childrens’ Centre (5 sessions).

Saturday Play Scheme for SEN pupils aged 8-19 at John Chilton/Alec Reed School, Northolt—Starts September.

Various Workshops run by HACS (Hillingdon Autistic Care & Support) running from September—December 2018: SEN and Sleep, Wellbeing Course, Understanding Autism, Autism & Anxiety, Autism—Promoting Positive Behaviour —please see our website or the HACS website for details and prices.

Disability Football Schemes running Monday and Wednesday Evening—Watford Football Club.

Dyspraxia Coffee Mornings—10am, Meadow Library—Dates: 27/9/18, 15/11/18, 24/1/19, 14/3/19, 16/5/19, 20/6/19.

We have been asked by Transport For London to pass on the following information about changes to the school bus routes afternoon timetables for  Routes 697 and 698.    This may affect some of our independent travellers. 

Route 697

Long Lane, The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School   1530       1535      1543     1547
Hillingdon Station                                                                          1534       1539      1547     1551
Uxbridge Road, Long Lane                                                           1542       1547      1555     1559
Hayes End, Angel Lane                                                                 1548       1553      1601     1605
Hayes End, Uxbridge County Court                                             1550       1555      1603     1607
Hayes, Grapes                                                                                1554        1559      1607     1611
Yeading Lane, Willow Tree Lane                                                 1557        1602      1610     1614
Lansbury Drive, Brook House                                                      1604        1609      1617     1621
Lansbury Drive, Balmoral Drive                                                   1607        1612      1620     1624

Route 698

Long Lane, The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School   1530    1535    1541    1545     1548​​​​​​​
Hillingdon Station                                                                          1534    1539    1545    1549     1552​​​​​​​Uxbridge Road, Long Lane                                                           1542    1547    1553    1557     1600
Hayes End, Angel Lane                                                                 1548    1553    1559    1603     1606
Hayes End, Uxbridge County Court                                            1550    1555    1601    1605     1608
Hayes, Church Road,
Townfield Road                                                                              1555    1600    1606    1610     1613
Hayes & Harlington Station                                                          1600    1605    1611   1615     1618
Cherry Lane, Schools                                                                      1609    1614   1620    1624     1627
West Drayton Station                                                                     1615    1620    1626    1630    1633

If any further information is required please contact Akosua Tseayo, at Transport for London, email:

Hillingdon SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs Disability Information Advice Support Service)
REQUEST YOUR HELP AND VIEWS, by asking you to complete a one page survey by following this link or copy and paste it into your browser: 

The survey can be completed between 1-15 September.

Thank you


Letter to Year 14s only

Re:  BCA College


Letter to Year 14s only

Re:  Home Management Studies at

Innovate, Oakwood School


Letter to  Year 13 only

Re:  Uxbridge College


Letter to selected Sixth Form pupils

Re: Construction studies at Innovate, Oakwood School


Letter to Class  JE

Re: Out and About  in the Community


Letter to Whole School

Re:  Shoebox Charity Collection


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Letter to Year 7

Re: Food Technology Lessons


Upcoming Events


17 September 2018

Individual Pupil Photographs


27 September 2018

Dyspraxia Coffee Morning



27 September 2018

Meet the Tutor Evening (all years)


22-26 October 2018


Back  to School Mon 29.10.18  9am


5-9 November 2018

Humanities Faculty Week


15 November 2018

Dyspraxia Group Coffee Morning 10am in Library


Friday 16 November 2018

Children In Need Day


29 November 2018

Celebration of Achievement Evening

(Year 11 & Sixth Form—Invite only)


5-7 December 2018

Christmas Show Week


19 December 2018

Lower School Christmas Lunch


20 December 2018

Upper School Christmas Lunch


21 December 2018

Big Breakfast

Last Day of Term—2pm Finish




Back to School 7.1.19—9am