International School Award - Full Award

I am delighted that in 2016 Meadow High School has been awarded the Full International Schools Award  (having gained Foundation and Intermediate previously).  

If you would like to read more about our international links  please visit Our School/International Links

Please find below part of the Assessors report:

"This is a very creative Impact Evaluation from Meadow High School and one that considers carefully the role of your school both in the local and global community and embraces the challenges of preparing students for their role as global citizens. The effective work that you have undertaken over the past academic year on your journey to achieving the International School Award has demonstrated your commitment to developing the international dimension shows that your school in worthy of achieving this certificate. Your links with partner schools are clearly well established. Many of these have been built up over a number of years, which shows a commitment to maintaining these connections whilst simultaneously building up new ones. You use a range of innovative ways to keep these links going, including Skype, email and exchange visits. These links are clearly mutually beneficial to both you and your partner schools. Many of your international activities are carefully devised to meet the specific needs of the students in your school whilst at the same time providing them with a multitude of experiences based on a range of global themes. It is clear that you have a strong focus on preparing your students for life beyond school and that you use your international links to support this. You also put a lot of emphasis on staff collaboration and training and use your links effectively in order to do so. Continue with work of this standard and your school's international dimension will go from strength to strength."