How To Deal With a Bogus Caller








Please ask for Marc Gloc. 

Tel: 01895 250162

Mobile: 07936 338986


Dear Resident, 

WARNING: Be aware of fraudulent cold callers active in this area!

Multiple and regular instances of fraud are occurring in local streets, with rogue workmen cold calling and offering to do unnecessary roofing or guttering work after making false statements about their condition.  These types of fraud occur frequently and residents need to be vigilant and guard against rogue traders calling at their home as well as the homes of their neighbours – particularly if they are an older person or considered vulnerable. A victim’s life savings could be lost to these fraudsters!


Trading Standards Service recommends:


  1. NEVER allow COLD CALLERS to carry out home maintenance type work such as roofing, guttering, driveways, patios, tree care, pest infestation, rubbish clearance and general building, especially where you are not already aware that work is required.  
  2. Cold callers may INITIALLY offer to carry out a small job for a very low price such as to repair roof tiles or to clean the guttering. However, the intention is often to falsely claim that you need a lot more work to be carried out such as a new roof even if your roof is sound and they may even start to dismantle the roof without your authorization.
  3. Fraudsters may trick you and gain your trust by pretending to work for another resident in your street or using glossy flyers or dressing professionally perhaps wearing safety helmets, matching clothes or a smart suit. Remember - a fraudster can be good at deceiving victims!
  4. NEVER permit any cold caller to erect ladders, scaffolding or any other means of attending your property. Most building maintenance is rarely urgent, so do not be pressed into any agreement. Don’t be rushed! 
  5. NEVER agree to any work unless you are sure it needs doing and the contractor gives you a formal written quotation. Remember that contracts made in the home usually have at least 14 days cancellation period: contact Citizens Advice Service on 03454 04 05 06 for advice. 
  6. WE RECOMMEND that you check a trader approval scheme such as Buy With Confidence  (or contact the Citizens Advice Service on 03454 04 05 06 for info about traders on this scheme). Obtain several quotes for major jobs.
  7. If you see suspicious tradesmen please note details of the van that they use such as registration mark and make/model/colour or even take any photographs and inform Trading Standards, or your local Police.
  8. CONTACT: If you think you are at risk of a fraud, or particularly if any threats are made to you, call Police immediately on 999. In any case, please do not hesitate to contact the Citizens Advice Service on     03454 04 05 06 if you are suspicious of any tradesmen and Hillingdon Trading Standards Service will investigate.
  9. ALWAYS ask for identification if you are visited by officials from the water, gas or electricity utilities or the Council. Check their ID card thoroughly and call the customer services department to confirm that it is a genuine visit. Most utility companies operate password schemes, so call yours and set one up. If you are suspicious NEVER let them in.  
  10. USE YOUR DOOR CHAIN. Or if you suspect a COLD CALLER and you are not expecting anybody JUST DON’T ANSWER THE DOOR.  Keep the fraudsters out – Not sure? Don’t open the door!
  11. Ask your neighbours to SIGN UP TO OWL at and join the 9,000 (and growing) residents such as yourself who are now receiving regular updates on local crime and ways to avoid becoming a victim.


Rogue traders may want to take you to your bank to withdraw large sums of cash or to make a transfer. Banks are aware of these frauds and if you find yourself in this position, simply mention the words ‘Banking Protocol’ to the cashier. The bank, Police and Trading Standards will then take immediate steps to protect you and your savings.  Remember: STOP & THINK!  Don’t be rushed; listen to your instincts and stay in control.