Home School Agreement


                   Meadow High School

Home-School Agreement

At Meadow High School we believe that pupils perform better when the home and school work together in partnership.


To achieve our aims and support our home-school agreement, the School will:

Treat all children and families with respect and sensitivity

Be available to discuss any issues with parents, usually on the day they are raised, or on the next day by appointment

Write in home-school diaries to keep parents well informed of pupils weekly, daily or as required

Be available for parents/carers before or after school, or via email

Contact parents if your child is ill or behaving in an unusual manner that causes concern

Administer medication, where necessary, with explicit written instructions (from GP if medication is prescribed)

Encourage parents/carers to take an active interest in school

Set challenging targets for your child to achieve through termly targets and Annual Review targets Ensure that the environment is warm and welcoming, clean and safe

Celebrate your child's achievements

Provide high quality teaching and learning experiences

Keep parents informed of the work planned for each term (available on the website)

Offer a carefully planned curriculum matched to the needs of your child

Contact you if we are concerned about your child's attendance or punctuality

Consult and inform parents/carers of any changes to school policies (Please see website)


We ask that Parents/Carers:

Contact the school if your child is to be absent and provide appointment details where applicable Write in home-school diaries weekly or daily as required

Keep the school informed of up to date contact details including phone numbers and email address if applicable, where messages can be received at all times Work with the school to try and make sure your child behaves well

To ensure that you DO NOT take your child on holiday during term time and maintains over 90% attendance record unless there is good reason for absences Ensure your child comes into school every day, on time and prepared

Attend meetings that involve your child

Ensure your child is wearing clothing in line with the schools uniform, that PE kit is in school for lessons and that your child is equipped for the school day

Keep school informed of any events that may affect the behaviour or ability of your child to learn Submit written instructions for the administration of medication and supply school with adequate and up to date supplies

Notify school of any allergies, special diets and alternative therapies that your child is involved in Be available to collect your child if they are unwell


We require Pupils to:

Observe the school/class rules

Attend school whenever they are well, arriving on time if travelling independently Be caring and considerate to others

Show kindness, consideration and respect to others

Respect their surroundings

Make every effort to do class work as well as they can

Communicate politely and truthfully

To wear school uniform and look clea nd presentable during the school day


Signed on behalf of the School:                                          Date: May 2018

Parent/Carer Signature:Date: Pupil Signature                Date