Head Boy / Head Girl 

Every year we choose a Head Boy and Head Girl.  This is a responsible position as they will represent the whole school at various events, meet guests, attend and speak at Celebration of Achievement Evening and set an example to other students in the school..   Staff nominate pupils for these positions, and then the Sixth Form pupils vote for who they feel would be best suited for the position.       

Head Boy 2018-2019



Hi, my name is Curtis.

My interests are art, drama and dance.  My hobbies consist of art, reading, and archery.   My favourite subjects are Art, History, English and Dance. 

My future plans after Meadow are to go to BCA College and do the Animal Management course and the Art course.

What it means to me to be Head Boy:

It is a great honour to be Head Boy.  I believe I am a good choice because I am kind and helpful and I like to keep things neat and tidy.




Head Girl 2018-2019



Hello my name is Catherine and I am head girl and I’m in year 13.

I joined meadow in year 10.  When I first started I felt nervous but over the years I feel my confidence has grown. 

I now have lots of friends and I really enjoy school life.

My favourite lessons are History, English and Hairdressing.

As Head Girl I look forward to meeting new people. I hope people feel like they can talk to me about their problems or what they want for the school.

Looking forward to seeing everybody.