Harry Potter World - June 2018


On Wednesday 6th June, Year 8 visited Harry Potter World in Leavesden. This was to support the fantastic work they have been doing this term in their English lessons.


When we arrived we were greeted by our tour guide who took us through to the main cinema area. We watched how all of the films were made and how the creatures and sets are brought to life. We also got to watch the actor’s journey over ten years and eight films!


We then went through to the Main Hall and Rokas was even lucky enough to open the doors to all of the amazing sets.  We saw all of the classrooms and could picture the scenes from the films, including the potions classroom that we have been learning about.  After, we walked through the Forbidden Forest and saw some of the creatures from the films - the spiders were an incy wincy bit scary though!


We then got to take part in a Quidditch lesson and ride our own broomstick, we all had our photos taken. Some were really funny- especially the teachers ones!


After lunch we continued our tour. We went on the Hogwarts Express train, the Knight bus and sat in the flying car! We also got to see Dudley’s house, Diagon Alley and the beautiful Hogwart’s building.


Finally we visited the gift shop to buy some souvenirs- the choice of sweets and chocolate is amazing! We then sat outside and talked about our day.


“I didn’t have a favourite part I loved all of it!” Callan 8EB


“I thought the Hogwart’s building was beautiful!”  Aimee  8LB


“I liked the Forbidden Forest, some of the creatures looked so real!”  Jasmin  8NN


Miss Barratt—Year 8 Teacher