Governors Virtual Meeting Attendance Policy

Meadow High School

Governor Virtual Meeting Attendance Policy


Approved by Governors: 01/04/2019

1. Introduction

  1. 1 The School Governance (England) (Roles, Procedures and Allowances) Regulations 2013 make provision for governing boards of maintained schools in England to: “approve alternative arrangements for governors to participate or vote at meetings of the governing board including but not limited to by telephone or video conference”.  The provision does not give governing boards the power to authorise proxy voting or votes to be cast in advance of meetings.

    1.2 In relation to this the governing board of Meadow High School has determined the following  arrangements will apply.

    1.3 These arrangements apply to meetings of the full governing board and to committee meetings.

    1.4  Remote attendees must be are aware of their surroundings. Confidentiality and sensitivity of information must be considered, and conversations must not be conducted in a place where they will be overheard. Confirmation of confidentiality should be declared at each meeting.            

2. Virtual Attendance at Face to Face Meetings

2.2       Where a governor wishes to attend a meeting of the governing board by either telephone or video link the chair and clerk must be notified at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting to ensure that appropriate arrangements can be made where possible. The governors will be asked their reasons for not attending the meeting in person and their attendance virtually will be subject to the approval of the governing board at the beginning of the meeting, though this approval will not be withheld without good reason. Where approval is withheld the reason for this will be minuted and the governor informed immediately.

2.3       Governors attending the meeting either by telephone or video conference will be entitled to vote on any issue providing they have been ‘present’ for the whole agenda item which the vote relates to. Where a secret ballot is required this will be facilitated where possible (e.g. by taking a telephone call off speaker phone and the governor sharing their vote verbally with the clerk). Where this is not possible the governor will be required either to vote publicly or abstain.

2.4       Governors attending the meeting virtually will contribute to the quorum for the meeting. If the technological link is lost they will cease to contribute to the quorum, but this will not prevent the meeting continuing in their absence unless it has become inquorate.

2.5       The meeting will be chaired by a governor who is present in person.

2.6       If, after all reasonable efforts, it does not prove possible for a governor to participate by telephone or video conference the meeting may still proceed with its business provided it is otherwise quorate.


3. Virtual Meetings

3.1       The three statutory full governing board meetings and termly scheduled committee meetings will be face to face meetings. However additional and extraordinary meetings can take place via telephone or video conference call as long as the usual quorum of governors is ‘present’ on the call.

3.2       Where a meeting is taking place virtually the usual statutory notice arrangements will apply and all papers to be considered will be circulated at least seven days in advance of the meeting, except where the chair has exercised his/her right to waive the usual notice in an emergency.

3.3       Virtual meetings will be minuted in the same way as other meetings, either by the clerk being present virtually or by a governor who is present, other than the headteacher, taking the minutes, and these will be presented to the next meeting of the full governing board.

3.4       Virtual meetings should not be recorded by any governor or the clerk without the approval of the governing board and for a specified purpose.


4. Review of this Policy

4.1       The policy will be reviewed at least annually, but any governor with any concerns about its operation can request that it is reviewed at any time.