Extended Learning

This is part of the agreed extended learning policy.  At Meadow High School we recognise the crucial importance of an active educational partnership between home and school.  To support this we have adopted a policy of extended learning rather than a rigid homework system as this can demand organisational skills which some of the pupils are still acquiring.  Extended learning (homework) can play a positive role in raising a child’s level of attainment.  It is an extension of school work so therefore on some occasions tasks may appear more challenging or difficult.  However, we also acknowledge the important role of free time in a child’s growth and development and ensure that children are not overburdened.  

All students who are given homework must have a red homework book in which the homework is written down or in case of a worksheet, glued in.  Students should complete their homework using this book to avoid work getting lost or crumpled.  Students are awarded certificates, for every 10 pieces of homework completed, in recognition of their hard work and effort.