Entitlement Statement

Membership to our Sixth Form at Meadow High School requires a mature attitude and a serious approach.  

The aim in being a member of our Sixth Form is to maximize educational experiences, take up the opportunities to make the most of a variety of experiences and to broaden life skills experience.  
Therefore students must agree to the following:

  • Entitlement Statement
  • Maintain rules of the school
  • Set an example of appropriate behaviour and dress to younger students  and pupils
  • Maintain an excellent attendance record: follow absence procedures when necessary
  • Arrive punctually at school, to lessons and tutor sessions
  • Be fully equipped for all lessons
  • Participate in all aspects of Sixth Form curriculum: complete work in school and homework to the best of their ability
  • Make positive contributions to the wider school community: involvement in community service activities
  • Respect the school environment
  • Maintain a high standard of dress
  • Treat everyone with respect