In Drama we encourage pupils to develop their ability to perform, integrate and learn to work well with others. Drama provides the perfect platform to build confidence and develop public speaking, improve everyday movement and conversation skills and to develop varied group social interaction methods. It is also a lot of Fun!!

PSHCE topics are a real focus for Drama lessons as they help develop pupils emotional and general well being.  As well as following the skills required by the National Curriculum a large consideration for play therapy and wellbeing is strongly encouraged, physical therapy is also taken into account when developing movement and actions focusing on posture, stability and flexibility.

Attainment is recorded under English B squared Drama Criteria

In Key Stage 3

We have created in-depth programmes of study in line with the National Curriculum.  In year 7 we learn about story telling, poetry and prose and learn to deliver lines through puppets and to an audience in the project ‘Tell Me a Story’. In year 8 we develop our abilities to deal with emotions through the project ‘Knowing Me Knowing You’ where students develop empathy for the main character Max in ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and in year 9 we look at the difficulties of dealing with different character types in ‘Villains, Victims and Superheroes’ Students develop their ability to move flexibly, act dramatically and develop their use of tone, volume and pitch.

Thematic Drama is run over a 3 year rotation cycle, being taught  by a Drama specialist. The SOW are also linked to topics taught within their normal teaching cycle and the other Performing Arts subjects. Topics encourage the acquisition of technical skills and theory combined with a therapeutic, social and emotional development onus.

In Key Stage 4

Pupils Study Entry Level Drama with the WJEC exam board. These form part of the Creative Media and Performing Arts Course also studied in Art, Music and Design Technology.  Pupils can build credits in the varied units and these can gain them Certificates and Awards at Entry Level. If pupils are also studying the other subjects their units in these can also be accumulated to build towards the Creative Media and Performing Arts Diploma,

In year 10 we study the first unit -’What did you say?’ Focusing mostly on the difference between mime and voice and developing understanding of the variety of ways that voice can be used e.g. Pitch, Volume and Pause.

In term 2 we study ‘What a Move!’ and look at the different ways the body can be used in acting through Mime, Physical Comedy, actions and reactions.

In year 11 pupils Pupils study ‘Rehearsing and improvising scripts’ in the first half of the year and then go on to study ‘Script Writing and Performance’ for their final Unit.

We have recently introduced AQA Unit Awards to support lower ability pupils to attain accreditation.

Year 11 Drama