Drama for Pathway 2-4 pupils

For information on Drama for Pathway 1 see Pathway 1 Curriculum.


In Drama we encourage pupils to develop their ability to perform, integrate and learn to work well with others.  Drama provides the perfect platform to build confidence and develop public speaking, improve everyday movement and conversation skills and to develop varied group social interaction methods. It is also a lot of Fun!!

Skills and knowledge are taught with a focus of developing passion for the subject, but also making sure that Key English (Literacy, reading and writing skills and communication skills) are developed.

Please see the Curriculum Matrix for more details of what your child will be studying:

In Key Stage 4

Pupils Study AQA Unit Award certificates.  In recent years we have moved the emphasis in Drama away from accreditation to developing fundamental communication and life skills.  Although accreditation is still  viewed as important we have found that when a pupil enters the course they often have passions and interests that they wish to explore, so learning is now tailored with greater emphasis on pupils exploring their own interests whilst also developing a grounding of in depth drama skills, knowledge and application.

In year 10 we focus on the core skills of performance through voice and movement, basic script writing, prop making and developing knowledge of the history of performance and developing greater understanding of different types of performance and the key differences in skills set needed for these, such as: physical comedy, skits,  musicals, plays and theatre.

In year 11 pupils develop their understanding of script writing role play in different scenarios and develop the skills needed for writing for a targeted audience. Pupils develop work based skills by rehearsing and interviewing others and reporting on current affairs whilst also developing knowledge of motive and intent. Pupils improve their understanding of the use of drama through a specific vocation and broaden their knowledge researching drama from around the world.  These skills are also aimed at helping pupils develop key skills that should help them communicate in employment interviews and in the workplace in general in their lives.


Miss C Kepinska - Faculty Lead, Arts