Disney Unravelled - July 2017

   The Winning Poster designed by Hana Mirza in Class 10JM 

This year’s production has been written by a team of our students from years 10, 11 and 6th form, with Miss Kalia and is an original story created using the students most favorite Disney characters.

Along with the support of Dance Club, Production club pupils have written the script and created their own dance routines.

Like last year, students have the opportunity to be a part of the backstage art crew working on set design, props and costumes. This has been a great opportunity to work on fine gross motor skills painting, making sculptures and sewing and still be a part of the whole Production Team.

This original story was written to include  some  of the famous Disney songs the students had selected to help shape the narrative. 


The story is set in Merlin the Wizard's lab, where he is training his new apprentice Mick. However, Mick accidently drops a potion onto the magic Disney book, unleashing all the characters around the castle. Mick meets some friends and the smaller characters overhear some scary news that Mr Potato head keeps chasing to tell the others.  Mick has to find them all in time before some sneaky villains (Captain Hook and his sidekick Smee) complete a plan of their own!


Merlin and Mick in the castle
Baloo and the Ensemble give us the  'Bear Necessities'


One of the dance numbers featured tap dancers (front of stage).
101 Dalmations (we could only afford 4) and Green Alien things, part of the Ensemble who sang and danced their way through the show.
Aladdin, Peter Pan, Princess Elsa, Stitch,  and other Disney characters 


Mick meets Mr Potato Head
Meanwhile, Sleeping Beauty, Merlin, Woody, Mick, Mr Potato Head and a Mouse strut their moves as the side of the stage.
Captain Hook and his sidekick Mr Smee (booooooo !)
 Two villains with an evil plan need to be stopped before they
cause more trouble !
The last dance number in the show.
"Move It"

One of the first songs in the show was 'Colours of the Wind' which was accompanied by pupils signing using "Signalong".  Signalong is used and taught at Meadow High School to support communication.

Pupils Sing and Sing "Colours of the Wind".  Sleeping Beauty (at the back) dances with a yellow ribbon

We held a poster competition to advertise the Show.  Please see the winning entry (top left).  This was also used on the front of the Programme.  You can see a copy of the Programme if you click on the attachment at the very bottom of this page.

To read the whole Script of 'Disney Unravelled' please see the document attached at the very bottom of this page.

Thursday 6 July and Friday 7 July 2017 were show days.  We also gave a number of shows and dress reahearsals throughout that week to pupils.   Parents, staff, ex staff, Governors and special guests all attended the shows.  The weather was really roasting hot that week,  but the cast and crew were fantastic and gave the show their all.   We have had some very good feedback which  you can read below:


".... you took on board last year 's suggestions and reduced the amount of text and  backed it all up with songs and parts that were pre-recorded made a huge difference too in my humble opinion...."  Mrs Fabisch - Faculty Head - Vocational

"the best bit is when Smee and Captain Hook was playing and overall it was a great performance"  Sachin - Sixth Form

"I thought it was good.  Liked the tap dancing and the dalmations. My favourite character was Woody."  Connor - 8ML

"It was my favourite show so far.  I really enjoyed it.  I loved the dance.  It was an amazing show".  Simipreet - Sixth Form

"....I enjoyed the dance moves.   Make the performance longer !"   Anthony - 10 JM

"The dance was amazing. The music fitted in well.  They remembered the script and was a great performance overall"  Brook - Sixth Form

"It was the most eye catching and inspirational show ever. It was the most entertaining show especially when they were tap dancing"  Navin - Sixth Form

"I loved the tap dancing. Captain Hook was scary" Alishaba - 7JR

"Compared to previous shows, the editings were spot on, the story had decent moments and some of the dancers were well choreographed".  Josh S - Sixth Form

"It was a very good performance.  It was well executed !"  Abdalla - Sixth Form

"I enjoyed watching the show.  The dancing was great"  Caan - Sixth Form

"The show was amazing. I liked the characters.  I loved the dance moves. My favourite part was Sleeping Beauty".  Jack as Smee and Curtis as Merlin were good too"  100%.  Elliott W - 11AT

"The Dancing was perfect and they remembered their lines really well and were very clear"  Laura - 11AT

"It was good and I enjoyed being a Dalmation.  I looked cute and very funny!"  Hana - 10JM

"Amazing show reflective of a lot of hard work by Monica and the Team of staff, volunteers. showing great determination.   Really inclusive cast and ensemble.  Fantastic to see such a range of student abilities being represented.  The video at the end showed a great example progression.  Seeing the students say "thank-you" back was brilliant.  Great example of the students' learning.  Appreciation for all the staff have done - above and beyond !   Looking forward to next year. "  Amy (staff)

"Brilliant show. Superb effort by all the children.  Truly appreciate all the hard work the staff members have put in to help our children perform so well in the show".  
Mrs Mirza - Parent Governor

"What an excellent show!  They all worked so hard, especially proud of my grandsons"   Grandparent of two Sixth Formers 

"Fantastic !  Well rehearsed, great ideas and script, acting, dancing, costumes, sets and production.  All the pupils clearly loved being part of it.  My son gets so much out of the whole thing - script writing, rehearsals and acting in the show.  It's a real high point of the year.   The characters were particularly good this year.  I also loved the song with the signing at the beginning, a lovely touch.   As a member of staff, I am totally in awe of how much time, energy and enthusiasm the staff put into Productions.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do for our children.   Can't wait to see next year's show......Well done everyone ! " Captain Hook's Mother

"Brilliant.  Well done everyone !  Another fantastic show"  Mrs M Coker - Parent

"The actors remembered their lines.  The dance performance was packed with high energy followed by consistent live piano music and scenes added with a pinch of humour to spice up the scenes.  The overall performance was an excellent fit and would love to see much more."   Gabriael - Sixth Form

"It was brill.  The show was amazing to watch.  Thank you for letting me watch the show I enjoyed watching it".  Bianca - Sixth Form

"I have enjoyed being in the show and working in a team" Nathan- Sixth Form

"Darren and I loved the show.  We think it was amazing how every child has a part and they all get a chance to shine.  It was brilliant to see more of the kids tap dancing this year too.  You could end up with a troop next year !.  You can see all the kids really enjoy the experience of performing.   We appreciate the hard work gone into the scenery and the costumes were brilliant.  Loved the little film at the end.  Great to see how it all came together.   Big thank you for making it all happen again this year !"  
Mrs L McCarthy - parent

Some feeback from Class 9NN

"I liked Nadir's part (Aladdin) because his speaking was really clear, he was funny and I liked his dancing"   Sabrina 

"I liked Hook and Smee, they were really funny together when they were stealing stuff". Farhan

"I liked Captain Hook and Mr Smee versus the Aliens. I thought it was really funny"  - Idris

"I liked the tap dancing and the group dances when they dance together" - Ilham

"I think everyone did well.  Everyone was in time.  There was no stuttering - they knew their parts" Ashraful

"I liked their costumes.  They were really professional in the heat"  Zech

"I don't have a favourite part - it was all good" Michael

"I liked the script, it was very well written.  It was easy to follow the story" - Miss Barratt (teacher)

"I loved it all.  It was a really professional production.  The students had clearly worked in all the rehearsals and knew their parts thoroughly.  The story was really imaginative and took into account the audience they would be performing to.  Outstanding !  Five Stars!"  Mrs Sugden - Faculty Head - English


We would like thank everyone involved with the production and, as always, parents for supporting the pupils with learning lines and weekly late afternoon pick ups from Scriptwriters Club, Production Club and Dance Club.

Special thanks go to:

  • Mrs. Shukla and Miss Hagger for providing refreshments.
  • All staff and students who have supported with: Advertising, setting up and the sale of goods.
  • The Site Team, Admin Team and all the entrants to our Disney Unravelled poster competition.
  • Our student script writers: Naginia Ayub,Elliot Creasy, Curtis Freshwater, Jack Freshwater, Ellen McCarthy, Jake O’Brien, Harry Norris
  • Mr. Hancox’s, Mrs Nunn and Miss Mitchel’s 6th form Art class and Backstage crew Art Club for making the Set Design and props
  • Mrs Spicer (parent helper) for designing and fitting all the cast costumes.
  • Mrs Wilkes and Miss Bergin for creating the stage design, Merlin’s lab
  • Miss Lennon and her team for leading on Hair/ Make up and allowing students to be given star treatment in the Salon
  • Mr Ho for leading on Sound/Music
  • Miss K for supporting one to one rehearsals
  • Elliot Creasey (pupil) for leading on tech support
  • The pupils’ hard work has been organised, directed and supported by Miss. Kalia (Dance Lead), Miss. Robinson,  Miss. Pasma, Miss H, Mr Waltz, Mr Hornal and Miss Miller .

Please see a few photos below from rehearsals etc.  To see all the photos from the Main Shows, please visit Our School/Gallery

Now here are lots more photos from goings on around the show:



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