Awards & Qualifications

The pupil’s programme of study is based on the yearly teaching objectives set out in the National Curriculum.

Each class will follow the appropriate programme of study for the pupils.  These will also need to be differentiated within the class to ensure each child’s individual needs are met.  Different classes will follow appropriate year group planning identified by teachers teaching these classes.

On entering Meadow High School pupils levels range from P Scales to level 3/4.  There can be a large range of differentiation within any one class.  To enable our pupils to progress, we need to build on their previous knowledge and plug the gaps in their learning.

Key Stage 3

KS3 follow on appropriate programmes of study from Early Years, KS1, KS2 curriculum or an individualised curriculum to extend learning and provide further challenge.  

Key Stage 4

KS4 follow on appropriate accredited Programme of Study through either AQA Mathematics Entry Level Qualifications or Unit Awards Pre-entry/Entry Level.  To extend and challenge pupil learning, there is an opportunity to work towards AQA Level 1 Mathematics Award. 

Pupils not following an entry level scheme of work will continue POS from the New Primary Framework on Year Group that’s appropriate with more emphasis time, money and life skills during FNS lessons.

Key Stage 5

  • Theme 1 – Edexcel Functional Numeracy Skills Level 1 and/or GCSE, ASDAN Short Course Mathematics.
  • Theme 2 – Edexcel Functional Numeracy Skills Entry Level Programme.
  • Theme 3 – AQA Unit Awards Entry Level.
  • Theme 4 – ASDAN Towards Independence: Numeracy.