Summer Reading Challenge 2022! Friday 22nd July - Monday 5th September 2022

To help our students keep learning and avoid the summer 'dip' that can happen in their skills, we are running a Summer Reading Challenge.  The aim is to encourage our students to develop a love of reading and an understanding of why building their reading skills is important.

We will be issuing all students with a 'Reading Passport' to help them track when they use their reading skills. Please help your child to identify a reading challenge target to work on - this can be anything that works for your child and your family situation. The text on the passport says:

Q. Why should I read, it’s my summer break?!

A. That’s easy to answer!

Reading WILL help you ...

  • do well in school
  • get a better understanding of yourself and others
  • learn new things
  • build skills that will help you be more independent in life beyond school
  • people who read regularly say it helps them feel good.

Avoid the summer reading ’dip’ - set yourself a reading challenge now! 

You could...

  • read at least 3 books
  • visit your local library at least twice
  • read at least twice every week
  • research to find out something new (tell someone what you found out, make a project to share)
  • use your reading skills for practical tasks

Tell us about what you have read or how you have used your reading skills this summer—email asugden@meadowhighchool.orgWe will keep a log and award certificates in September!

Please encourage your child to take part. Listening and talking about stories counts too, there are loads of different websites for this depending on your child's developmental stage - remember we have a range of stories on our school youtube channel too!  We're sure you will work out your own reward system, however Mrs. Sugden will be keeping an eye on her emails if logging achievements with us is a good incentive - photos of your child using their reading skills (that you would be happy to have displayed on our website) would be welcome too! 

Please ensure your child brings their Reading Passport back to school in September, their new Form Tutor will be keen to see how they have done! 

[Spare copies of the Reading Passport will be available to print off on the website in case you need more boxes or the passport goes missing.]

Very best wishes for a wonderful summer break.

Mrs. Sugden                                           &   Mrs. Heggie

English & Communication                        Reading Intervention & EAL Manager
Faculty leader

Reading Passport:

PDF:   Reading Passport

Reading Passports (with symbols)

PDF: Reading Passport (with symbols)