Sports Day - Thursday 28 June 2018

2018 gave us a glorious day to hold the annual Meadow High School Sports Day. Even in the extreme heat every pupil in the school community participated in field and track activities. Family support of the day is becoming a consistent strength with well over 100 family members attending for the past 5 years! For that I would like give a big   thank-you to you all.  

The natural competitiveness of the pupils was seen throughout the day, with each of them trying their best for their houses. What's more impressive is the supportive community feel that is seen during the afternoon track events. All pupils in all houses cheer on and encourage everyone; this is what makes the day even more special.  

The winning house in 2018 was GREEN house so a big congratulations to all of them!

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2019!

Lots more photos on the  School Gallery/Sports Day 2018.School Gallery/Sports Day 2018.

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers for making sports day such a success. I'm glad there were gazebos available for the children, all of whom seemed to enjoy the competition, and there was no prouder parent than me to see my daughter running the 200m into 1st place! Well done to all the participants. Ms DeSouza - Parent