Senior Management Team

Head Teacher
Mr R Macdonald

It has been my pleasure to be the Head Teacher at Meadow High School since January 2004.  At the time of arrival I was advised that this might not be a good career move!  It, in fact, has been the absolute opposite.  The Staff Team have responded brilliantly during those years to all the challenges and brought about the successful school it is today.  Personally, I have been teaching for over thirty-eight years, thirty-five of which have been in special education.  I hold the Advanced Diploma in Special Educational Needs as well as a Masters in Education (Autism).

Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs J Rigby

Hello, my name is Mrs Rigby and I am the Deputy Headteacher at Meadow High School.  I joined Meadow 20 years ago as the music teacher and took on a variety of roles, culminating in my current one. Personally, I have a love of musical theatre and am a keen amatuer ceramisist. Professionally, I am passionate about developing people, be they pupils or staff. I am delighted to work in this caring and supportive community. Here's to the next 20 years!

Assistant Head - Year 7, Thematic and Transition
Ms C Caddell

Hello.  My name is Claire Caddell.  I have worked at Meadow for the last four years.  Before that, I worked at Hedgewood School for 22 years.  I am an Assistant Head with responsibility for our Thematic Department and for Year 7.  I am often the first person you meet from Meadow as I am also responsible for the transition of pupils from other school into Meadow.  

I love cooking and animals but don't like to mix the two!!!  

Assistant Head, Year 8,9, 10 & 11
Ms J Richards

Hello.  My name is Jane Richards.  I have worked at Meadow since January 2005 and I am the Assistant Head with responsibility for pupils in Year 8,9,10 and 11.  Prior to working at Meadow I was a Head of Humanities in a special school for boys with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties.  My first teaching role was as Head of History at a mainstream school in Buckinghamshire. This wide range of educational experience has certainly helped to develop a sense of humour along with knowledge of a range of abilities!  Out of school I enjoy the sea (missing my West-country roots!), reading and cooking.

I really enjoy seeing our young people develop,  both academically and socially and it is a pleasure to have seen so many progress through the school to fine young adults.

Assistant Head, Sixth Form
Mr A Bunker

My name is Mr Bunker.   I have been working at Meadow since 2002 as Head of Sixth Form.  Before that, I worked for ten years at Douay Martyrs RC School in various teaching roles including Head of PE and Year Head.  I also worked at Pield Heath Special Needs School for five years.  I have a BEd Hons in Movement Studies (PE).   My interests are sport, and in particular football. which I still manage to play three times a week.  I also have a passion for music and play in the Meadow School Band along with other staff.  I am keen to see our pupils gaining skills for independence and being successful in new environments, in particular our Project Search programme at the Marriott Hotel.