Remembrance Week - Feedback


Below is some feedback about the week from our visitors.

Marion Try - Museum of London
"Just to say how much I enjoyed visiting your school yesterday. Your pupils were a delight – they were all on task and were very attentive  - and so  polite -  please let them know what a great impression they made!"


"Thank you for making me so very welcome tonight. I really enjoyed the concert – it was so rewarding to see how much your pupils have benefitted from the week’s special events – and lovely to see them all enjoying themselves with their families."




Squadron Leader Martin Flood, RAF
Thank you, for what was an excellent day last Friday, surrounded by some excellent people and excellent children who all made us feel extremely welcome.  We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to come and speak with you all and we wish you and the school every success for the future.


Here is some feedback from pupils:

I really enjoyed all the talks, they were really interesting.
Caan Andrews 11MR

It was interesting hearing all the war stories.  
Curtis Laxen 11MR

It's amazing to see how hard people worked compared to today.   I enjoyed Andy's talk.  He was really friendly.
Chris Clare  11MR

I really enjoyed the War things in the Library.  
Leah Derrick 9MV.

I enjoyed the street party.  I liked the food. 
Chloe Grantham 9MV

I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people this week.  I have learned so much more.  I have enjoyed it a lot.  It is the best week I have ever had at school.  
Ellen McCarthy 10MF.

I liked dressing up and talking to the soldiers that came round.  
Ellie Gardner 11JM

I enjoyed visiting the library and looking at the guns and gun masks.  
Serena Holden 11JM

I liked eating lunch outside, the food was nice.  
Aisha Usma 11JM

There was lots of songs for me to sing along to.  
Oliver Brown - AB.

Chris (Tudor) talk was the best part of the week.  He was inspirational as he was able to lift 530lbs and I can only lift 321 lbs !  I will get to lift 530 lbs one day.  
Chris Clare 11MR.

I loved experiencing some things that most soliders experienced like trying some of the rations.  I especially liked learning some new things like about the weapons and vehicles used.  
Joshua Smith 11SB.

(comment on Mrs Doreen Dane's talk)  
"I liked learning about the gas masks.  It ws interesting learning about all of the bombing. People must have been very brave to still work during the bombing".  
Curtis Freshwater 9MV.

Andy's (MOD) talk was really interesting. 
Ryan Deary 11MR

It was really interesting learning how popies were made. I made some which was fun.  
Megan Ough 8MP.

My favourite bit was going to HMS Belfast and seeing the cannons fire was amazing.  
William Coleman 11MR

Quite an amazing experience, especially thanks to the weather.  The gun salutes were a great moment to witness but did sound like thunder claps. 
Joshua Smith 11SB.

I liked our trip to The Runnymead Memorial and eating the picnic by the river.  I liked feeding the ducks.  
James Puddle 11JM

The Horrible Histories RAF scene was so funny.  I enjoyed the videos they showed us.  
Caan Andrews 11MR.

I enjoyed seeing what it was like to be in the RAF and the amount you change after training.  You learn social skills and even physical skills to stay fit.  It is really cool that they came to school.  
Joshua Smith 11SB

It was nice of them to come, especially as they do not usually go to schools.
Quinn Pearson 9MV.

I liked seeing the videos on the different planes.  
Zoe Swain 9MV.

I enjoyed being taught by the RAF men about the airforces in Britian against the Germany.  Jane Mo - AB.

I enjoyed it when the RAF men came to see us.  We got to try on all that hats.  They told us about the war.  
Rhianna Hunter AB.

(talking about the World War 2 bus)  
"It was wicked".  
Rosie Coker 9MV,

I enjoyed our party because there was good food and everyone looked good.  
Dale Tyler - AB

I enjoyed our dressing up day.  Everyone looked really good and we had a party.  
Kwesi Anyanful - AB

I enjoyed dancing in the concert.  Everyone was in costumes and looked really good.   
Lacie Wilkinson -  AB