Parent - School Communication


To help ensure that messages are received please can parents and carers NOT send messages via the Transport Assistant.  

Please write in the child's Link Book, email the class tutor or call the School Reception directly (01895 443310).

Thank you

Calls to Staff 

If you call school needing to speak to a member of staff they may not be immediately available due to their timetable.   They will not be able to speak to you during lessons.

The School Reception will take a message and pass this on to the person you wish to speak to, who will get back to you.  Usually, this should happen within the same day or the following day at the latest.

Thank you.

Contact Details 

The school must have AT LEAST TWO CONTACT NUMBERS for each student to ensure prompt contact can be made in case of an emergency or sickness.

If you move, change your telephone or mobile number or any contact details PLEASE ENSURE you inform the school of your new details.

Either write the new details in your child's link book or call School Reception on 01895 443310.

Once a year we send out Data Sheets for you to check your information is correct and return to us (we have to do this by law). Please ensure everything is up to date.

Mobile Telephone:

Relationship to pupil:
(for example,  Mother, Aunt, Grandparent)


Leaving School During the Day

If you need to collect your son or daughter during the school day, or bring them in late, because they have an appointment, eg doctor, dentist, hospital,orthadontist, counselling etc, during school time, please ensure you inform the school BEFORE the day of the appointment.  

Please ENSURE the class tutor knows, in advance, the time you will be collecting them, so they can have your child ready in Reception.  Please write a message in your child's link book and/or call School Reception.    Please also see Our School/Pupil Welfare.

Thank you.

After School Clubs 

If your child attends an after school club please ensure you
collect them promptly afterwards.  

If your child is not attending a club one week, please let
the school know in advance so we can ensure
messages get passed on to the relevant people.

For an up to date list of School Clubs please click here


Please can all money sent into school be in a
sealed envelope, clearly labelled as follows:

Child's Name:
Purpose of Money:
(eg. Dinner Money)

Thank you.