Head Boy / Head Girl 

Every year we choose a Head Boy and Head Girl.  This is a responsible position as they will represent the whole school at various events, meet guests, attend and speak at Celebration of Achievement Evening and set an example to other students in the school..   Staff nominate pupils for these positions, and then the Sixthy Form pupils vote for who they feel would be best suited for the position.       

Head Boy 2017-2018

Harry N

Hello, I am Harry.  I am the Head Boy at Meadow High School.  

My main interests are anything to do with film or entertainment.

Before Meadow, I was at a school in High Wycombe called Penn School.  Unfortunately, just as I was about to enter their Sixth Form they closed down.  I went through some struggles with this.  Upon joining Meadow I wanted to work really hard and have a good time.

As Head Boy I want others to feel like they can approach me at any time, whatever it is they have a problem with.   So, come and find me and we will talk or, if you want, you can talk and I will listen.

Thanks for reading and see you around.


Head Girl 2017-2018

Laura M

My name is Laura.  I am the Head Girl at Meadow High School.  I joined Meadow in September 2016.

In the Summer of this year, volunteered to help with Summer School for four weeks.  I helped out with the new Year 7s.  I really liked doing this.   

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.  I also like eating out and shopping for clothes and make-up.

I love anything to do with hair and  make-up and hope to make it my career in the future.