E Safety

Dear Parents / Carers

Many of our students love their smartphones, gaming, social networking and using the internet.  These technologies are wonderful innovations and can be the source of almost unlimited information.  Many of us find it almost impossible to live without them in some way or another.  If used properly these technologies both entertain us and make our lives easier.

The downside, however, is the very nature of the "unlimited information" side of the internet therefore making it a very dangerous place if access is not managed properly.

Please find below links to websites which gives plenty of information to help you and your family avoid accessing anything which may put you or your child at risk.   

Please read an important letter (below) regarding e-safety.


Please find as an attachment at the bottom of this page some guidance from the Department for Education, which is for schools and staff.  It contains useful information for parents too, including how to check privacy settings of the various social networking sites.


Here is Youtube video developed by CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre).  It is aimed at keeping parents up to date with key safety messages and offering advice on how to deal with issues affecting Children and Young People.